Price : $850,000.00 United States Larry Kronebusch

Aries Alliance Investments is a highly skilled real estate & Fortune 100 business development group

We have designed and developed some very profit capable Furniture Manufacturing & Retailing ventures,

as well as a very attractive group of Low Cost yet High Quality Products for a franchise able Retailing Store,

in wisely selected Locations such as Western Canada, Miami, Nashville Tennessee

and one Overseas Outlet in perhaps Mumbai and / or Bahrain. 

Classy restaurants & hotels / motels & lots more to offer those who qualify.

We operate out of Western Canada and are seeking One Angel Investor / Venture Capital type of professional investors

who want to double their investment funds by joint venturing with us as a gutsy smart Seed capital Investor.

You bring the funds with a no up front fee attitude and I will bring you the projects ventures & activities

that you can pre screen for risk free implementation.

AS A FINE GROUP of great new business ventures.

I’ve been received and approved for investment and offered Large contracts

a number of times yet I still seek one smaller Stage One Funds partner

in a $170,000.00 usd up to $285,000.00 usd equity based Investment.

So if you want the projects and the profits they create then lets talk
No criminal funds nor scams please as ive had enough of those and I’ve Paid as requested a few times

but ive been burnt on wire transfer day so I will only accept North American Investors who pay the wire transfer costs

and who can handle a highly developed Risk free Venture.

Offer 2 - We seek also a larger capital FIX Homeless Shelters investor for $850,000.00 up to $1,000,000.00 usd

from those who wish to boost their portfolios and community presense dramatically.

( Here we offer to place 80 % of this invested capital into a fund that allows us to hire a part time

Architect to draft up completion blueprints on a 6 to 8 Story Drop Inn Center as well as some staff

where we meet and discuss issues with Government Officials ok  Here our game plans invite any interested

millionaire or Billionaire to join us to begin a Global Fix on Homeless Shelters over the next 4 to 6 years where us

and the local Governments Federal and Municipal  will work together on building new strong

6 – 8 Story Drop In Centers and I have 45 years industry leading real estate construction intelligence

and experiences in building new construction projects here in North America .
We do require clear identity a no upfront fee attitude and fully transparent no nonsense partners.

I will respond with a professional introduction and a Secondary Homeless Shelter Fix Presentation

as you step forward and qualify

Many Thanks

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